SkipStone browser for Kindle Touch

SkipStone is a lightweight Gtk+ browser mainly designed for Gecko rendering engine. As of version 1.0.0 it also supports Webkit engine. In my port for Kindle Touch I use Webkit version. Not all Mozilla functions were translated into Webkit ones, but it still works ok.

SkipStone interface is rather straightforward and simple. You will quickly learn all the functions playing with menu items. One thing that needs explanation is icon for opening virtual keyboard open keyboard icon located in the right side of the toolbar. In most cases virtual keyboard opens automatically. However it will not open when you click into html input field. You will have to open and close it using this button.

I tried to make all fuctions usable with Webkit engine, but some of the Mozzila stuff from "Preferences" may still not work.

I prepared package to be used with YiFanLu's GUI Launcher or Unified Applications Launcher (for firmware 5.3 and higher). First install the Launcher, then download zip package from this page and unzip its contents to extensions folder on your kindle. Restart kindle, so that new item is visible in the Launcher menu. Start it from the menu.

Installation of this package doesn't change any system files on your Kindle. All the files are installed only in extensions folder. To uninstall just delete "skipstone" folder from extensions.


kindle skipstone browser screenshot

:: Main window

kindle skipstone browser screenshot

:: Settings menu

kindle skipstone browser screenshot

:: Saving downloads

kindle skipstone browser screenshot

:: Download progress window




When upgrading you may want to save your settings by making backup of "skipstone/settings" folder. There is a folder in there called ".skipstone", which may be invisible in your file explorer.