In principle this simple extension turns Kindle Touch into a Non-Touch :) You may ask why anybody would want to do this. Well, it was inspired by this thread at mobileread forum, titled "Kindle Touch hacks for handicapped people". It is just a proof of concept, but I think sometimes it may be useful for everybody as it allows to hold the reader by its whole surface, not only by the thin frame when reading. It was tested with firmware 5.1.x.

Untouchable is meant to be used when reading a book. All touchscreen input is disabled, so touching screen does nothing. You don't have to worry that you will accidentally turn page of the book. All communication is done through the only Kindle Touch button. And there are only two possible actions – turn page forward and backward.

How to use it?

Start it from the extensions folder. Once started it still allows to use touchscreen, so that you may choose and open a book. When the book is open just press home button. From this moment on the touchscreen is inactive apart from very small area in the upper right corner (50×50 pixels). Touching this area will turn off the extension and restore normal touchscreen functionality.

Short click of the home button turns page forward, while long press turns page backward. The duration of the long press may be defined in the configuration file (untouchable/bin/untouchable.sh). The default is 1,5 second.

How to install?

I prepared package to be used with YiFanLu's Launcher or Unified Applications Launcher (for firmware 5.3 and higher). First install the Launcher, then download zip package from this page and unzip its contents to extensions folder on your kindle. Restart kindle, so that new item becomes visible in the Launcher menu. Start it from the menu. To turn it off just press upper right corner of the screen.

Installation of the package doesn't change any system files on your Kindle. All the files are installed only in extensions folder. To uninstall just delete untouchable folder from extensions.