C library for handling MOBI format ebook documents
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File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
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 buffer.cFunctions to read/write raw big endian data
 compression.cFunctions handling compression
 debug.cDebugging functions, enable by running configure –enable-debug
 encryption.cFunctions to handle encryption
 index.cFunctions to parse index records
 memory.cFunctions for initializing and releasing structures and data containers
 meta.cFunctions for metadata manipulation
 miniz.hHeader file for third party miniz.c, zlib replacement
 mobi.hLibmobi main header file
 opf.cFunctions for handling OPF structures
 parse_rawml.cFunctions for parsing rawml markup
 read.cFunctions for reading and parsing of MOBI document
 sha1.hHeader for sha1.c
 structure.cData structures
 util.cVarious helper functions
 write.cWriting functions
 xmlwriter.cImplements a simplified subset of libxml2 functions used in libmobi
 common.cCommon tools functions