C library for handling MOBI format ebook documents
Data Structures | Typedefs
Exported structures for the parsed records metadata and data

Data Structures

struct  MOBIFdst
 Parsed FDST record. More...
struct  MOBIIndexTag
 Parsed tag for an index entry. More...
struct  MOBIIndexEntry
 Parsed INDX index entry. More...
struct  MOBIIndx
 Parsed INDX record. More...
struct  MOBIPart
 Reconstructed source file. More...
struct  MOBIRawml
 Main structure containing reconstructed source parts and indices. More...


typedef struct MOBIPart MOBIPart
 Reconstructed source file. More...

Detailed Description

Typedef Documentation

◆ MOBIPart

typedef struct MOBIPart MOBIPart

Reconstructed source file.

All file parts are organized in a linked list.