C library for handling MOBI format ebook documents
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Data Fields

Parsed INDX record. More...

#include <mobi.h>

Data Fields

size_t type
size_t entries_count
MOBIEncoding encoding
size_t total_entries_count
size_t ordt_offset
size_t ligt_offset
size_t ligt_entries_count
size_t cncx_records_count
char * orth_index_name

Detailed Description

Parsed INDX record.

Field Documentation

MOBIPdbRecord* MOBIIndx::cncx_record

Link to CNCX record

size_t MOBIIndx::cncx_records_count

Number of compiled NCX records

MOBIEncoding MOBIIndx::encoding

Index encoding

MOBIIndexEntry* MOBIIndx::entries

Index entries array

size_t MOBIIndx::entries_count

Index entries count

size_t MOBIIndx::ligt_entries_count

LIGT index entries count

size_t MOBIIndx::ligt_offset

LIGT offset

size_t MOBIIndx::ordt_offset

ORDT offset

char* MOBIIndx::orth_index_name

Orth index name

size_t MOBIIndx::total_entries_count

Total index entries count

size_t MOBIIndx::type

Index type: 0 - normal, 2 - inflection

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